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Weekend in the Catskills

Catskill Adventure

Being in the dense concrete jungle of New York city is an amazing place to live and work. Even though it offers the paycheck and the experience, Nothing beats a good weekend escape.

I my self am lucky enough to be able to keep my car in a near by lot in New Jersey. Leaving Manhattan has become somewhat of a ritual of mine. Surrounding the city is mountainous map of camping and hiking.

Catskill park caught my eye upon researching camping and exploring. Myself, Paul, and his girlfriend Stacy packed up my truck and headed up on Friday evening to spend the weekend at North South Lake camp ground. We spent the night setting up camp and cooking a good meal over the fire. We awoke the next morning to go hike around Kaaterskill Falls. We hiked to the top to see the falls we not flowing as normal, so we decided to stay at the top and swim in the natural pools. 

Back at camp we continued snapping memories with our cameras and sharing stories of the past and talking about our dreams and projects for the near future. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little getting out to really go in. For me, living in such a fast paced city is hard, so if I can find a way to escape just for a little bit, it helps in ways I couldn't imagine.

Gear List:

  1. Truck
  2. Petzl Headlamp
  3. Goal zero lantern
  4. North face Sleeping bag
  5. REI sleeping pad
  6. Marmot tungsten 3p tent
  7. REI camp chair
  8. Canon 5D MkIII
  9. 24-70mm
  10. Mamiya RZ67


Enjoy the Journey
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